Assessing Students’ Learning with Videos - Flipgrid Goes to College




Assessing students’ understanding during virtual and hybrid learning can be a real challenge, especially if students are quiet or shy. One educational technology tool which may help professors rise to the challenge is Flipgrid. Flipgrid is a free app that allows professors to create prompts that students respond to via video. Responses can be private to the professor only or can be shareable within a "grid" or class. Flipgrid is flexible and fun, which encourages all students to engage more deeply with course materials. Instructors can use these prompts to encourage discussion, to check in with students privately, to assess content knowledge, or simply to build community. Discussion boards are a hallmark of online learning but are often considered the most tedious and boring. Rather than making students type one post and reply to two others, Flipgrid provides an engaging video discussion board option. Students can create video responses to instructor prompts and respond to one another with videos, audio files, stickers, or provide a screenshare with an audio response. Flipgrid can also be used by students to demonstrate skills or give a short presentation. This engagement fosters a sense of community and provides the opportunity for authentic interactions between students. Through this session, the presenter will provide a demonstration of Flipgrid and give some implementation tips for how to create an activity, build rubrics, and provide student feedback. At the end, participants will be prepared to start using Flipgrid independenly.