Game-based learning as a way to teach and understand films






The Pandemic brought with it untold suffering to the vulnerable sections, lockdowns across the world and a sense of helplessness against the invisible enemy. It also posed new challenges to the academic community – with safety as our priority and social distancing as the norm, WFH became the buzzphrase. And for us teachers, it meant teaching online and finding ways to enhance the virtual learning environment . Challenges included:
The lack of direct interaction that brings energy to the classroom and the weirdness of talking to screens often with disembodied voices
The inability to have a visually connect with several students owing to connectivity issues
The need hold the attention and interest of students over 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours
Unfamiliarity with online etiquette and discipline among some students and faculty
The need to uploading material on Google classroom or drives well ahead of time to allow students to come prepared to class
The physical demands of constant screen viewing, toggling between zoom/google meet classrooms, the lesson/ppt and the links of clips, or viewing material
The multitasking required to be able to track the gallery, speaking student, chat boxes, audio feedback, optimise screen viewing and most important of all
Student attention span, engagement with the material and class and finding ways to make it interactive.

Some of the tools and strategies of online teaching-learning can be learned and utilised effectively – for instance the CIP at Kenyon had a series of digital tools for online teaching sessions that equipped us to do the needful. But we as teachers have to fine tune the material, the experience and the learning with innovative methods

I am teaching 3 courses this semester online – Understanding film, an elective for the Journalism students at Asian College of Journalism and 2 major courses on Screen culture and Film History to the Film students at LV Prasad Film academy both in Chennai. My methods had to work in the aspects of film writing, film history and film studies I chose a game-based approach todo this with games and Quizzes and the chat box as a tool of feedback that matters