Tech Tools We’ll Use Beyond 2020 That You Should, Too!




Teaching during a pandemic has challenged professors to use technology in new and innovative ways to meet the demands of students taking classes in a variety of modalities. While this innovation may have been forced, professors have quickly adapted and added new tools to their repertoires. This presentation will provide demonstrations and advice for implementing several educational technology tools including: video conferencing tools, SeeSaw, Flipgrid, Edpuzzle, and podcasts to enhance students’ learning experiences. A few specific classroom examples will be shared for each tool and attendees will be asked to share or brainstorm ideas for immediate implementation in their own classes. Some examples include: using Google Docs to capture/monitor group discussions in video breakout rooms; SeeSaw to share and practice content; Flipgrid for video-based discussion boards; EdPuzzle to embed questions into video presentations; and podcasts with guiding questions to replace traditional readings. All tools can be utilized in a variety of teaching models (online/flipped/traditional), across disciplines, and are completely free or have free-access options (e.g., Zoom). To support further adoption and adaption of tools shared, participants will receive access to resources via a shared link, which will support and encourage future integration of these tools into their college classrooms. Pandemic teaching has forced professors into innovation, but many of these strategies will (and should) continue in our classrooms beyond 2020.