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Summer 2022


Charles White’s influence on three of his students at Otis college in the 70’s, Alonzo Davis, David Hammons, and Kerry James Marshall, aided them to becoming successful contemporary artists, and ultimately opened up opportunity and expanded representation for future black artists. White was the first black artist Marshall ever saw. White’s representation allowed Marshall to see himself as an artist and inspired him to become one. As a teacher, White was the guiding light of many of Marshall's decisions and artistic philosophy and was integral to Marshall's critical and widespread success. Hammons took free night classes with White, where he created a series of prints that launched his career. Hammons went on to create art that was influential across the African Diaspora. Through Whites influence, Davis was introduced to many of the most influential black artists of the era, inspiring him to open a gallery that exhibited work by black and other marginalized artists, which allowed for many emerging artists to get their start.



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