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Hollon Cornfield Beans

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Fall 2021




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What Will Grow

These are string beans that love to climb. The seeds are white, and they are typically eaten as green beans. Make sure to plant them near a trellis, corn stalk, or fence so that they have room to climb.

Hollon cornfield beans are primarily harvested before the seeds reach maturity and eaten as green beans. They can be frozen or canned to preserve for the winter.

Growing Instructions


The name "cornfield bean" suggests that these beans were originally planted in a method similar to the Three Sisters.

Most information on these beans comes from Jes Padgett, and more information is can be found in her interview. This variety may be very genetically similar to Kentucky Wonder, and it would be interesting to grow them out and compare them.

Associated Culture(s)

"These beans may have been traded with or stolen from Indigenous people in what is now Kentucky, however, there is also some likelihood that they were passed down to my grandfather from his parents through one of their recently verified Native American bloodlines." -Jes Padgett, in a text to Jenna Nolt (January 14th, 2022)

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