Determination and modeling of the optical constants of direct band gap BexZn1−xTe grown by molecular beam epitaxy

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The optical constants ε(E) of direct band gap BexZn1−xTe have been measured at 300 K using spectral ellipsometry (0.73–6.45 eV). The ε(E) spectra displayed distinct structures associated with critical points at E0, E0+Δ0, E1, E1+Δ1, 1+Δ1 and E2. The experimental data over the entire measured spectral range has been fit using the Holden-Muñoz model dielectric function, which is based on the electronic energy-band structure near critical points plus excitonic and band-to-band Coulomb-enhancement effects at E0, E0+Δ0 and the E1, E1+Δ1, doublet. In addition to evaluate the energies of these various band-to-band critical points, information about the binding energy (R1) of the two-dimensional exciton related to the E1, E1+Δ1 critical points was obtained. The value of R1 was in good agreement with effective mass theory. The ability to evaluate R1 has important ramifications for first-principles band-structure calculations that include exciton effects at E0, E1, and E2.


physica status solidi (c)


11th International Conference on II–VI Compounds