Seeking Submissions

Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture seeks a wide variety of articles, both juried and non-juried.

Juried Articles should not exceed 9,000 words (except by special request). Short notes as well as long articles are welcome. We are also interested in review articles that analyze a particular portion of the field in light of new research. To facilitate the double-blind review process, please submit the article with your name only on a separate cover sheet and try to avoid any obvious self-reference in the text or in the footnotes. Notes of gratitude to institutions, etc. can be added upon acceptance. Footnotes may written in any widely-accepted format (Chicago Style, etc.) so long as they are consistent within the article. Please format your article as follows:

  • use Word or WordPerfect. Do not submit PDFs.
  • -double space text; single space footnotes
  • -justify left
  • -use 12-point font size
  • -number your pages
  • -use footnotes rather than endnotes (no parenthetical notes)
  • -for initial submission send images as separate jpegs or tiffs or placed in a Powerpoint presentation.
  • -number your illustrations and indicate them in the text using (fig. XX) form.
  • -include an illustration list with caption including title, date, location (where appropriate) and indication of copyright, e.g. Miracle Window, Canterbury Cathedral, early 13th century, England. Photo: author.

Non-juried Articles should generally be shorter (less than 4,000 words). These can be more popular or personal approaches to medieval art, travel accounts, preliminary findings, notes on recent acquisitions, opinion pieces, obituaries, teaching tips, humor, and more. These will be evaluated by someone on the editorial board for pertinence, but will generally be welcomed and published. Please use the same format as juried articles, listed above.

Book Reviews should be relatively short (no longer than 3,000) words and preferably illustrated. Book reviews will be solicited or assigned by the editors. Unsolicited reviews should not be submitted. Rather, please let the editor know if you are interested in joining our list of reviewers or in reviewing a specific book.

Photos and the Photobank We welcome contributions to the Photobank for use in non-profit teaching and research uses, to be shared among our readers and other interested users. Please contact the editor and we can arrange for transfer and cataloging of high-quality images (jpegs, tiffs). All images will be published under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) and will be archived under Digital Kenyon to promoting interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and creative exchange. http://digital.kenyon.edu/about.html

Photo Essays can be scholarly or written in a more popular mode. They should contain images for which you own the copyright (i.e. you took the pictures yourself) and that you wish to share with other scholars for teaching and research in exchange for byline credit. Please contact the editor regarding your plans before you submit.

Please send your queries via regular mail or e-mail to:

Sarah Blick
Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture
Art History, Kenyon College
Gambier, OH 43022 USA
fax: (740) 427-5673

To submit/upload your article for consideration, please use the following link:

Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture uses Digital Commons software. This will enable you to upload the submission and track its progress through the refereeing process.

Copyright issues: Authors will retain copyright to their own articles, but Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture asks to be credited as the site of the original publication. Unless otherwise stated, all published material in the journal is published under Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA).

Indexing: Currently indexed in EBSCO, Directory of Open Access Journals, Project Muse, etc.

St. Matthew, Rood Screen, 15th-century, Cawston, St. Agnes, Parish Church, Norfolk, England. Photo: Sarah Blick

St. Matthew, Rood Screen, 15th-century, Cawston, St. Agnes, Parish Church, Norfolk, England. Photo: Sarah Blick