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Telemann Braun


4) The young Sylvester presented by his mother to the priest Cyrinus; 5) Sylvester welcoming St. Timothy to his house; 6) Execution of St. Timothy; 8) Funeral of St. Timothy; 9) Sylvester refusing the prefect's orders to worship an idol; 7) Death of the prefect Tarquin, who chokes on a fish bone; 11) Sylvester released from prison by Pope Melchiades; 13) People beg Sylvester (holding book) to become a deacon; 14) Sylvester is ordained by Melchiades as deacon; 15) After the death of Melchiades Sylvester installed as Pope; 16) Emperor Constantine falls ill (note doctor with urine flask); 17) Constantine orders sacrifices to an idol; 18) Pope Sylvester and his followers flee persecution; 20) Soldiers about to prepare a bath with the blood of 3000 children; 22) Mothers grieving the impending death of their children; 23) Moved by their grief, Constantine cancels the massacre; 24) The mothers depart with their children, laden with gifts; 26) In a dream, Constantine is told to recall Pope Sylvester; 27) Sylvester receives the messengers from Constantine; 25) Sylvester and a companion (with book) before Constantine; 29) Baptism of Constantine; 31) Sylvester and Constantine laying the foundations of St. Peters; 32) Sylvester and Constantine conversing in a cart ??; 33) Constantine witnessing events in scene; 34) Constantine witnessing events in scene;


Early Gothic, sculpture



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