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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinci. Jan 17-Jan 23

My dear Bishop,

The confirmation in [?] [?] put off [?] the last [?] of this month - Mr. Goddard [unearthed] [?] [time] especially as he has had a bad cold -- [?][?] won’t be ready -- Dr. Green[?] in [?] until you at Gambier about preaching, for [?] what you are [?] I have sent an annual [?] in the L. [?] Road to Gambier for you which [intend] from [?][?][?] I have written for Goddard for Zanesville [?][?][?] me in the center at which reaches from Wheeling to Columbus - I hope you will [return] to Gambier before you come [down] one from the [?] by Mansfield & [?][?] of the Cleavland & Columbus until [?] what be he sent me in that [wed] to God before me from Mr. L. [?], [?] he met you in Cleveland - at the [?][?] for [?][?] & [?] R[?] & another from [?] Rand for the worship for [?] with -- I have written further [?] my - then Cleavland & [Erie] & the Cleveland [?]. Others with her [?][?].

The M[?] written in hard [?] & did not know that this courtship had [raised] committee on the subject of paper -- when you asked me I spoke to Mr. Od[?] you did speak of a committee. Had reasons [?] I could have answered as you did. That it was in [?] hands [?] & then have got not of [?]. I put it off of the ground that I had written Mr. Wharton, but when he declined, I ha [?] but to tell Mr. B[?] my vote of confidence in Dr. M[?]. same [?] the land lay & gave it all up in my good spirit keeping in confidence what I had said to him.

I hope the committee are doing something -- [?][?] for you on Friday of next week. Mr. Goddard with [?][?] expect you to be his guest. My [?] in this much of your & [amount] have you & your affectant with in at [Chapter] [?] part of the time --

Yours very affectionately


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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