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Invitation to stay at the home of Rev. Henry Hall


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letter, Russell, McIlvaine, Hall, invitation


Wriothesley Russell to Bishop Charles P. McIlvaine

Cheme’s Rectory

March 22. 1862

Dear Christian Friend,

I have been requested by a brother in the Lord the Rev. Henry Hall of Datchet [?] near Windsor to invite you and your two daughters to his house on the 28th.

I shall also be his guests as my own house is under repair. Mr. Hall will be happy to send his carriage to meet you, if you will let him know where and when. I should recommend the train from Waterloo at 12:45, which reaches Datchet between one and two. I should conceive this would suit our Friends for an early dinner.

The queen will probably be still at Windsor which will prevent any entrance to the Castle.

Perhaps you will write Mr. Hall, Datchet, Windsor.

In haste, very sincerely yours,

Wriothesley Russell

I ought to have mentioned Mrs. Hall’s name in the invitation.

Notes: wriothesley Russell, Rector of Chenies, Bucks, Canon of Windsor was the 4th son of John 6th Duke of Bedford and a brother of both Francis the 7th Duke, Earl John Russell, queen Victoria’s Prime Minister. He married his cousin Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Lord William russell. The family was one of tremendous influence.

Letter to C. P. McIlvaine



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