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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Akron March 27 /60

April 2

My dear Bishop-

I left Cinc. yesterday morning having taken yours of the 22nd from the office on my way to the train, + this is the first opportunity of answering it. I had a [sic] exceedingly cold ride to Massillon, go there at 10 P.M. having taken a very oppro[?] cold which is now filling my head. This morning I [confessed] there [?]. The state of things there very [?] This [?] I came here + am now at Mr Adams. Several of the night[?] clergy have come. Tomorrow Adams is the ordained. It is a great delight to me to see the people + clergy again. It affects my sensibilities very much, + especially to feel that I must not preach to them. But what a [?] that I have been allowed, + more still that I have taught + have loved to preach our Lord Laws as the Life, for so many year. And now when not allowed how shall I murmur.

You did right as to M. Aker[?] I wish he would stay at Elyria. Poor Gregg is he moving yet. It is at least thirty years since he became a [proverb] on my family. It seemed as if almost once a year [?] we saw his [notice] concerning letters + peoples where to send them. As to [Christians’] address, I know [more?] other + cannot account for the difficulty.

After I had written the [?] I felt so unwell that I went to bed, had a fever in the night, got up feeling very badly, held Mr Adam’s exam [under + or damned him] [don’t think that is really what he says, but sure looks like it]. Fairchild preached [??] to night.

As to St. Clairsville, &c., It is a decayed country town of the Va.. stamp. The church is decayed + probably there is scarcely a remnant of a people attached to it. These are some however. The difficulty is there is nothing near enough to [?] work it, + it cannot [?] done. Mr Peck’s family (always) is where I have stayed + I suppose he will ask you to do so. Some good while ago he wrote me concerning a little building that at [?] the next place West on the Nat. Rad. where once we had a little flock many years ago, + which long since had been deserted. He offered to get it sold, if I [?] it, + sned me the proceeds [??] I requested him to do it, + have heard nothing about it since. I wish you would [?] of him. St. Clairsville lies some 4 or 5 miles South of the Central R.R. + usually at this season the [?] is very [?] always very hilly, + whether you could rely on a [?] I do not know. My place has been generally to [?] St. Clairsville by wheeling 10 minutes by the Nat. R[?] I would advise you to go to Wheeling, spend Monday night, after a long day’s travel with Mr. Perkins, [?] day let Mr. P get a carriage of me of his people + take you to St. Clairsville, [leave me service] + return to Wheeling that night, or if the train to Steubenville [?] go from opposite Wheeling [?] for the night. There are so few to be seen at St. Clairsville that most time would hardly be worth while. I would advise Mr. Bedell’s staying at

at Wheeling as is either way of getting to St. Clairsville, she would be much fatigued.

As to Cross Creek, I advise that she stay at Steubenville, but you have been to Cross Cr. & Springfield. It is rough riding. Not knowing what your intention as to Steubenville is I cannot arrange the other two places. Cross Creek Ch. is a very rough ride of perhaps 3 miles from a station on the R.R. between Newark and Steubenville, a ½ hours or ¼ R.R. ride from Steubenville. Springfield is a three hours’ carriage ride [?] country form Cross Creek + rather further from Steubenville. Mr. Bedell could not hear it. If after those places you have no need to return to Steubenville, you could leave

her there + go to Springfield yourself thence to Cross Creek, + take the train at the Station for Dresden + Medina[?] she joining you there ^ (at that station). There is no use in spending a night at Springfield if you can avoid it. I fear there is nothing to be done there, but to preach in a Church of which the supports have died.

I wrote Mr. Paddock that Sunday would not suit for his ordination as more of the clergy of Cleveland could be present, + requested him to consult Dr. Tysong’s convenience as to any other day of that week. I shall not hear till I get home on Friday, + then I will let you know. I hope you may be able to be with us, + that he will come to Gambier, We must try.

Coshocton is the nearest R.R. station to Mill Creek. Mr. Bedell should stay at Dresden while you go to Mill Creek. There is a rough ride from the R.R, of almost 6[?] miles. I would visit Perry + N. [C] from Gambier, + you might [?] them off a while in order to meet Dr. Ty[song] at G. that week. I think I will request you to visit Springfiled instead of me. You would like to see Dr. Burke, + the parish would like to see you, + as I have no time fixed for it, I will hand it over to you for this time.

I don’t think it is worth your while to take Wakeman, but the [?] comes to visit Mr. [Ik] From [?] it comes before Oberlin. The only way to get to At most to stop + have a service + talk with the people after [work] for a few minutes is all, as they are a scattered farming people to be met only at the Church. It is the day of very small things there + at Penfield + Grafton, but you will see a field for an itinerant, a [?] with some other [?].

At St. Johns, all things continue as they were. Mr. Reed was [dunce] enough to read in public my private letter, but I have taken no notice of it. Mr. [Harris] has gone Eastward in search of a minister, as poor a judge as ever lived. They have Delton, Eccl[?] + Brooke before them + probably will choose one of that trio. Have you got Bp. [Williams life?] It is a delightful book. But I have now written as much as I might -- Goodbye, [?] to Mr. Bedell.

Yours very affectionately,


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