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Asks leave for his son if danger should strike Washington. Wishes separation could be done in peace.


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letter, McIlvaine, Chase


Bishop McIlvaine,


Cincin April 11, 1860

Cinc. Ap. 11. 1860

My dear Sir -

[Imprivisio] This is not a business letter. Therefore don’t be troubled with it in business hours. Put it in your pocket to be read when it will not [intercept] you under your [accumulated] cares.

I begin by thanking ^ you ^ for your kind attention to my previous letter, + that you took before to write me a few lines about each, which under your pressure was a good deal.

From all appearances, I think it very likely an attempt will be made on Washington. If the Southerners should get possession, especially such as McCullough will there will probably be much of a reign of terror for a while. At any rate an attack + defences would make much [consternation], + to persons of feeble health, suffering. My [?] is this. My son, in your department, has a great deal of spirit [then] strength of body - Is nervously excitable with little physique to bear excellent. While I could go into the ranks in such a struggle, + he would ask no [?], I should be very anxious about him. In case you should see such a [?] could you kindly communicate with him, however confidentially, + give him leave of absence for a little, in case the public service in his [formation] would [well] be impaired + his place would not be high [?]. He will have no idea of my having then written you + it is what he would not [?] of, but an account of his [??], I write. I dislike exceedingly giving you the [?] of answering me. But a home will do.

I deeply sympathize with the [?], difficulties, purplex[ed], [anxious] of the [?] I never know how to pray for the Pres. + his Counsellors + the Country as of late. It seems after that my [?] personal wants are less prayerfully presented to God than the [will] of the Govt. I do not know Mr. Lincoln but God knows how often he + his advisers are on my heart + [?] at [this time]. [?] I suppose will come, + perhaps her [?] I am not [?] of the recovery of the se[?] state. It is a relief to get [?] of that much [?] But I would the [?] and be [?] peace. If not, my heart is with the Sword of Govt against a doctrine of d[?] [??] all Govt but a [?] & doctrine of slavery, the logical consequence of which is the African Slave [?] as a blessing + a duty. These doctrines I mean when embroiled in such secession + such treasonable acts towards our Govt. as we are [?]

Yours very truly

C,P. McIlvaine

Letter to S. P. Chase



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