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Sea voyage back to New York




letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, son-in-law, travel


[?] Glasgow

Wed. June 18/62

Dear Washington,

We took a Pilot to-day at noon & are now about 100 miles from N.Y., expecting to be in port by 8 tomorrow morning. I shall be much hurried when we arrive, & therefore prepare this in anticipation. Instead of the [?] which we expected to sail in, this ship was sent. She is slow & hence our voyage is some 2 1/2 days longer than I expected. We have had scarcely any but head winds & [?] at [?] of great violence. Till yesterday we had no taste of [a summer] temperature. The weather has been cold & raining. But the ship is very dry & capital as a sea-boat. Your sisters are very well & have not had a great deal of sea-sickness. They have enjoyed the voyage, though we are all very tired of it. My great desire in sailing when I did was to go to the Commencement & Convention. Having been so much delayed & having to go to [Washn] as well as to stay ten days in N.Y., I cannot get to the [first], & cannot expect to be at the [latter] till Thursday Ev. at the earliest, probably Friday E. I hope I shall find you there & perhaps [precious Mamy]. Nain & [Anna]’s [best love] to year & dear Mamy & the children. [Mine] of course

Your affectionate

Thursday [?]
[?] in N. York [?]
5 o’clock, No [thing]
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Letter to G.W. Du Bois



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