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Funeral of our friend will make it difficult to be in Washington for Trustee's meeting.




letter, Winthrop, McIlvaine, trustee


Dr. Winthrop


16 Dec. 1869

My dear Bishop,

The sermons at St. Ann’s on the [?] reached me last week, and I read [?] one Sunday evening with the greatest interest. You have given ever testimony in a [?] that cannot fail to make its mark.

I am beginning to doubt whether the Funeral of our great friend will have taken place in the Peabody in Season for those of us who attend it to be at Washington on the 3rd. Wednesday of January. The [?] and its contents will come slowly, and stop Lancashire for coal. It will take the least part of a week to complete the ceremonies after the arrival. If we had foreseen the course of events, we might have fixed Berton as the place of meeting their [?] for the Lectures, and summoned there all on to the funeral. As it is, I [?] say since of the distant members will come on. Mr. Macalester contacted me that he is coming. As our Secretary is about, the members [?] and I take informal notice of the meeting. I will write to [?], as I do now to [?], and if any postponement is found necessary, I will telegraph to each one before the time arrives. If there should be us seeing great [?], we may all be able to reach Washington before the 19th. I pray [?] to come prepared to aid our [?] friends in shaping an appropriate tribute. I hardly dare to ask [?] to come on to the funeral, glad as we should all be to see [?].

My wife writes with me in affectionate remembrances,

Believe me ever,

Dearest Bishop,

Yours most sincerely,

Rt.Rev. Winthrop

Rt. Rev. C.P. McIlvaine

Letter to Charles Pettit McIlvaine



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