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Asks for St. Paul's, Cleveland - justifies move by health and more congenial churchmanship; McIlvaine's marginal role indicates that Waite a good man - would do at Zanesville




letter, McIlvaine, Waite, Cleveland


Peoria [?] March 17th 63

Rt. Rev. C.P. McIlvaine

My dear Bishop,

It is some time since I was a presbyte in your Diocese, but I trust you have not forgotten me. The remembrance of my past labors in Cincinnati, and Wooster are among the pleasant working days of my life. I am at present rector of St. Paul’s Church in this city, a building which will seat over 500 [?], a communion of 120 members. I have been situated here three years this spring. The place does not agree with the health of Mrs. W. or myself. The weather is so changeable and the heat in the Summer is intense, some days as excessive as in New Orleans. I ascertain from the papers that the new ch. Paddock has resigned his charge of St. Paul’s Cleveland, and goes to Philadelphia. Now my dear Bishop is there any hope of my getting a call to that field of labor? I am a stranger to the gentlemen of the Vestry; but if they will look at a file of the “Western Episcopalian” tome for years or so back they will be able to learn from some articles signed W. and some sermons published in the paper the style of my [?]; and as to my doctrinal views, I know they differ in nothing from those you hold yourself. I am the same man in Christ I was when laboring in Cincinnati, and can never change.

Should this application meet your approbation, and the Vestry would like to see me in the [?] and hear me preach, I am perfectly willing to visit Cleveland at any time it would suit their convenience.

I [?] this in the prayerful hope it may eventuate in my again becoming one of your presbytery. My views and those of my present diocese need scarcely say, do not agree. The course I took on the property matter in Chicago, at the convention held the year after my acceptance of a position in the diocese, drew a dividing line between us. My heart’s desire is to hold connection in the great work of the Ministry with those whose feelings and sentiments are similar to my own. I am now in my [fully] third year having been in the ministry 16 years. I desire to settle, if I could, for the balance of my days, if it be the will of God in a location where I can see my wife and children well and happy, and where I can have health and do all within my power to advance the kingdom of God’s dear Son.

Hoping this solicitation may not be looked upon as intrusive, and that it may find you in the usual enjoyment of health, I remain,

Affectionately yours in the Lord Jesus,

Joseph M. Waite

Letter from Joseph M. Waite to C.P. McIlvaine



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