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Some solution to Christ Church problem. Vestry agreed to "hire" McCarty for year. McCarty said "I want to have a place in convention… I wish to make some reforms in the Diocese." McCarty has grudge. McIlvaine will take river parishes, will send some dates; list of Dimmissories and receivings of Clergy; enclosure of letter from Waite of Peoria.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, church


Cinc. March 17, 1863

My dear Bishop,

Yours of the 14th came today. I regret to hear of Dr. Bancroft’s [?] [?]. I fear from Dr. Polten and Dr. Morri [?] salience. I wrote Dr. Bancroft from Columbus to write Potter according to our conversation, but I fear he has been too unwell to do it. News about Cortell and French is good. [?] came out this [?] with your letter about it [?]. The only drawback is his short-staying, not short-coming. But I agree to the recommendation. The situation is as follows. A vestry meeting, at which Lady Erle and [Cola] [Bond] were present, agreed to “hire” Dr. Carly for a year. [?] and Dr. Foster, yesterday, saw him and conveyed the action. My [?] [?] with his nonchalance. He said he was engaged till Easter and would take it into consideration, but [?] to the [?], saying “Dr. Shrenberger, I want to have a place in the Convocation. I wish to make some reform in the [?]. Dr. Probesco reported to me, he is a modest gentle! But I know him in that respect. He will never forgive the admonitions he received while in Bexley Hall or the [?] of his brother and he seeks an opportunity to vent his grudge. If he does not accept that offer, I am for letting him leave [?]. If he declines it, the Vestry will be free to choose Dr. [?] and I will do it. I hope his friends and [?] will persuade him that it is an indignity to invite him for a year, and that if he declines the Vestry will be obliged by the [?] of the congregation to call him indefinitely. He has greatly injured his portion with his [?] by his attentions to and alleged [?] engagement to a Mrs. Rosakawlet (I don’t pretend to give her name correctly) a pretty, [?] vain girl who has been a public singer and is wholly unfit for a minister’s wife. He is greatly puffed up, I hear.

I have concluded to take the river [?] for [?] down, and there at Dayton, but cannot publish a bit of data but I hear from the river clergy as to the [whole] [?] of papacy [?] the [?].

I have written Dr. Learitt, saying I have concluded to defer his ordination till the time of the class ordination. I gave him some general explanation as to the deficiencies of his sermons, particularly mentioning the want of exhibition of the text of [?] and [?], and the too much severity of contents, nothing particularly given as to discipline and duty, but all in general expression. I also mentioned the importance of his having some wise and kind friends and extracts in his sermon for commendation. I shall do it as far as I can in writing, but he needs handling [?] very much. I wrote also of how much he needed the advantages of your lectures. Now the [?] is laid for you to try to have him in hand. If he goes to a parish as he is, he will be very raw as to preaching and our ways as all parishes work. What can you do for him? One thing-- at least. Get him to prepare skeletons of sermons, and submit them to you. He seems to have no idea of how to work a sermon out of the text.

I [?] a bit of [?] and [?] of Clergymen will [?].

Yours affectionately,

C.P. McIlvaine


Sept 2 1862. George B. Reese Jr. from NY

Daniel Cox Jr. from Pennsylvania

Nove. 9 Edward H. Lewett from W.S. New York

Lo. Lucani W. Bancroft from [?]

Dec. 8. James E. [?] N. Jersey

Feb. 19 1863 James Bolton Wisoconsin

Dr. Maxwell’s letter has not yet come.



August. George Heather. [?]

Sept 3. I.N.C.Bronte, Iowa

Sept 17. Anthony Law Broach, PA

Sept. 20 Theodore L. Noland, [?]

Dec. 24 R. L. Ganter [?]

Henry W. Word, [?]

Samuel D. Tompkins [?]

Letter from C.P. McIlvaine to Bishop Bedell



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