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letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, son-in-law, family


Earthan Hall

Norfolk, March 20 1862

My dear son,

Last week I rec’d a very precious letter from you, written while Dr. M. was with you and sweet Mary was suffering with her throat and darling Emily was in sorrow about her school (precious one) and you had neuralgia. I hope all those ills soon passed away. But about neuralgia take care of weakening [?] [?], as [?]. Eat strengthening, nutritious food, some wine every day. Build up your [?] strength, that is the remedy. Get but a [?] of [?], have it made into pills, take some 20 grams a day at four [?]. Increase till you find what your head will bear. When singing [?] [?] you can and lightness of head, discuss a little. Go on this for one week, combine with it stimulating food, and some wine, and close air. Break down a [?] with [?], take a gentle [?], then the [?]. This was my cure.

We are all full of joy and thankfulness for the success of our army. Our last news is the destruction of Columbus by the army and the falling back of their forces after battling a portion at the [?] [?]. The news of Union feeling wakes hope. Probably the event arrival will tell of [?] advances. The Lord’s name be praised for all. I have a West Ep. entering the account of your [?], the letters of the officers of the Comp. C. to you, and [?]. All so very gratifying.

We are here at [?] Hill in Norfolk, three miles from the [?] of Norwich. We came the day before yesterday and leave today. It is the seat of the late John Joseph Guerney. The great Tucker and the rich banker of Norwich. It is now [?] by the Rev. Dr. Ripley Rector of one of the Norwich Churches, who married the widow of Samuel Guerney’s son. Samuelwas brother of John. Here great and good news such as Walberforce and Dar. F. Burker used to [?]. The grounds are very spacious and beautiful. The house a great house of ancient form and date. Many good people have met and stayed with us here and each morning and evening [?] ship has been a little Church. We left London about ten days since for [?], Norfolk. [?] as when I was there three years ago, I met 42 Clergymen, who had come to make acquaintance (some of them) or to make it [?] and all to spend a day in [?] and prayer. It was a precious meeting. Of course I ([?]) such as I am was expected to absorb all the speakings. But it was a grand opportunity of making marks of the truth. They were all my good men. Since Friday, I preached in a glorious old Church there, an old Abbey Church [?] a Cathedral in [?]. There we were escorted by dear old Dr. Jacey, (a 80 year old, but vigorous and bright and warm hearted as a youth) to his parish. Dr. [?] (father [?]) where we spent Sunday and I preached. Then back to [?] where the Bp. of Norwich ([Pebban]) came to meet us. Next day to Norwich where after lunch at the Palace and a ride about the city we came here. Yesterday a ride to Norwich again, [?] the Cathedral and Company at [?] [?] to meet us. Today we go back to Dr. Jacey and the day after to [?] we stop at Barch near [Chester]. Everywhere I preach on Sunday, then two days at Lord Rayleigh’s, then London for four days during which I attend a Bible Duc. meeting at [?] and we stay with Lord [?] Rupall. [?] gathering at Lord [Shatterbury’s] house to Paris where I hold compendium in the 10 ap. For the English and American Churches, the Bp. of London has asked me if I would [?] at [Bonlogue], but it will not be [?]. All the while, opportunities in [?] constantly arise for my quiet work, as a sort of [?] I believe, as you say. Now Nancy and Anna are advanced and they do a great deal of good for the maker. Yesterday Dr. Ripley said he must give up English [?] for books on the companion. My talk of the elegance of the turn quite the mean measure as well.

Farewell all,

C. P. M.

Letter from C.P. McIlvaine to G.W. Dubois



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