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Shatford (Conn) July 11 1862

My dear Bishop,

Enclosed is Bp Hopkins letter. Mr. Boyle was supported by Mr. Edward [Cowe]: through the whole of this past year at my earnest request. They were not satisfied; and became more and more dissatisfied. After a free comparison of views--Smith Mc[?] Clement and my own--Mr. [Cowe] dropped him at their last meeting.

The reasons were not any doubts as to his capacity. He is a fine student and has made good progress. The reasons were.

  1. Doubts as to his genuine piety. I had conversations with him. After as much probing as possible, I was forced to tell him that I doubted whether he had ever been converted. I have strong doubts: so much so that I should not accept him as a candidate were it a new question.

  2. It follows upon this, that Mr. [Cowe]: had reason to think he was depending upon them to get an education, not with any ardent desire to preach Christ crucified and save souls.

  3. Several [?] confirmed these views. He did not attend religious meetings until [?] with, and then, as we feared, surely because he supposed it would be agreeable to us.

He never asked for employment as S.S. [?] until he learned that we were doubting in his case. He told me that during the 7 years of his being a [?] Christian he had never done anything to benefit anyone spiritually. This was supposed to indicate the character of his religion--or rather want of it.

In my opinion, he has not the spiritual gratification for the Ministry. I see no sign of a decisive call.

In Mr. Hodgkinson’s case, I will forward the letters to you as soon as I can reach my trunk, next week.

We reached Stratford by way of Cumberland, Washington and [?] yesterday evening. We left Gambier on July 3rd. Will write more at length hereafter.

After in [?]

G. J. Bedell

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