George Phillips



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Regarding an honorary degree to be granted by Cambridge to McIlvaine.




letter, Phillips, McIlvaine, honorary degree, Cambridge


Queens Lodge

Cambridge Oct. 10 1867

Rt. Rev. dear Sir,

I have been informed by the Vice Chancellor this morning that he has received a letter from you stating that you were admitted to an [?] degree [?] in 1858 you suppose that it is [?] the same as the compliment it is supposed to confer on you on Saturday. In 1858 the University had no [?] except in one or two cases of conferring honorary degrees. An addendum Degree is not an honorary one. Any person may have it on application. The degree honorary causa, which the University under the new Statutes is now able to grant as intended, when it is conferred to be considered by [?] implement to distinguished position or public services. Trust therefore, you will [?] the pleasure of your company on Saturday morning at the Lodge. Even if you do not take the Degree, the [?] [?] is of opinion, and I fully concur in it, that in consequence of your prominence, as Bishop of the United States Episcopal Church, your presence here on Saturday would be most sensible.


Rt. Rev. + dear Sir,

yours very truly

[?] Phillips

The Rt. Rev’d.

The Bishop of Ohio

Letter from George Phillips to Charles P. McIlvaine



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