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Reports receiving a letter from son Charles revealing the present satisfactory state of his spiritual life


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letter, McIlvaine, Wharton



“Ragatz, Switzerland, Sep. 14th, 1858

“My Dear Bro.:

“I wrote you a few days ago concerning my dear boy. My mind was too anxious about him. I wish now to say, and I do it with great thankfulness and joy, that I received yesterday at Zurich a delightful and most precious letter from him, entering sweetly into his state of mind. It was dated Aug. 13, and had been much delayed in reaching me. But it is just what I wanted, a sweet, natural, humble, tender endeavor to make me understand his mind spiritually. Blessed be God—for such a consolation! I could not have a letter from him more to my mind. I have but a few moments to write, as I wish before I go to bed to write to my son, and have been travelling all day. I have now entire confidence in the work in his heart. The Lord be praised for His grace. He is reading the Scriptures regularly, and wishes to be guided to the best mode. You cannot serve me in any way more nobly than by endeavoring to promote in him the right way of becoming more and more enriched by, and in love with the Scriptures. Be his help in that. He is systematic in secret prayer, and has become fond of spiritual, searching reading. He mentions especially his sense of the value of, and his love for the little book, ‘Advice to a Young Christian,’ which I gave him, and which I much value. I am here in the S.E. of Switz’d—having come here to-day by Lakes Zurich and Wollenstadt, and thence S.E. If you take a S.E. line from the head of the latter till you meet the Rhine in lat. 47°—you will find my whereabouts—among the sources of teh Rhine, and near to the baths of Pfeffers, celebrated for fine Alpine scenery; etc. This is an excursion from my main route. Now good-night. The Lord be with you all.

“Very affectionately yr’s,

“C.P. McIlvaine.”

Letter to Francis Wharton



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