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Your case and that of Cracroft cannot be touched by General Convention because this only a legislative body. The flagrant injustice and oppression by Bishop of West Caroline (Whitehouse) can only be reached by presentment.




letter, McIlvaine, clergy, Illinois


October 6, 1866

Rev & dear Sir,

I did not receive your letter addressed to me at Cinc. till yesterday when it was forwarded to me here. Bp. [Eastburn] showed me what he had written you before I had seen it. Yours of Oct. 2nd has come this morning. Your case & that of Mr. [Cracraft] cannot be [?] by the Gen. [?] because it is solely a legislative body, without any Judicial or Executive powers. The flagrant [?] & opposition of Bp. W. can be reached only by presentment & I solemnly believe that [might] to be [?] & all the charges that can be sustained in your case, as that of Dr. C & us that of the clergymen of [?] who was so unkindly [?] & [?] (I forget his name/ [?]) & any other should be combined.

Yours in [?],

C. P. McIlvaine

Letter to Clergyman of Illinois



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