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A confirmation of McIlvaine's accepted invitation and a request for him to preach two sermons during his stay.




letter, McIlvaine, Goode


Jan. 14, 1862

My dear Bishop

We are much pleased then that you will be able to pay us a visit with your daughter about the time [?] and as the sermon for the Church Pastoral [?] Society are fixed for Sunday March 9 I hope you will be able to arrange so as to undertake at least the [?] one in the Cathedral. An evening sermon in [?] preached the same day for the [?] at the other Church in this place, which is held by a good man [?] [?] by the [?] Trustees, who would be [?] pleased if you were able to take that also. But I will not push that, because you may not wish to take two sermons in one day. The annual [?] will be held the next day. I would be glad to hear from you as soon as you can let me know whether you can [?] yourself for that day. In the [?] as are invited to [?] of the Church, if anyone pushes who is not of the Cathedral itself, so that it is not always easy to learn a [?] much as our [?] could once.

[?] [?]

[?] [?] yours,

W. Goode

The Rt. Rev.

Bishop McIlvaine

Letter from Bishop Goode to C.P. McIlvaine



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