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Urgues inquiries in to state of things in Gambier




letter, McIlvaine, Gambier


(Bp McIlvaine urging inquiries as to state of things at Gambier)

Cincinnati, March 2

Dear Bp,

I wrote you yesterday from Mr. P[?]’s house. I have since read the letters awaiting me, three from Bronson, one from McElheny. You may de[f]end not this is wrong and seems wrong somewhere in the College. If half of what Bronson and McElheny say is true it is time to take things in hand. I enclose McElheny’s letter. Mr. I want you to encourage him and Bronson to bring out all they know and think they know. They are faithful men and know and love the truth and are brave to defend it. And through [?] and [?] they are [?]. Give their re[present]ations full hearing and [?] weight. This secret effort to get the paper, secret from us is a very bad sign. Bronson had offended so far so I have seen, in [?] but that Starkey [attacked]. This offense to them must have been just as it is to Starkey and that art--plain gospel truth. Get Bronson to show you his correspondences with Starkey. Everyone with the [?] that goes on in [?] recitations of the Sunday sermon particularly of yours--on R[?].

Everyone with the use of [???]--invoked of the N. Test.--is the sermon [?}. Search the thing as deeply as you can so that when we meet at Columbus we may know what should be done.

It is just what we have had reason to expect. D[?] will [?] us and the Third [?] if he can.

Yours [?]


McElheny’s letter is worked [?]. I cannot sent it therefore. But ask him to be perfectly free with you. He says the state of things is “alarming” and to him “horrible.” He speaks of this [?] had [?] of Brownson by College often. But that is the least.

Letter to Bishop [?]



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