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Makes reference to meeting with Bishop McIlvaine; ENGLAND: State of the Protestant School of Germany, MCI, Protestant Teachers' Colleges


KMcI 58-?-?




letter, Kay, Bunsen, England


6 [?] Court

The Temple


My Dear Chevalier,

I very much regret that my engagements this [?] render it impossible for me to have the honor of accepting your kind invitation to meet the Bishop of Ohio.

It would give such sincere pleasure to be of any use to him, in his examination of the state of the Protestant Schools of Germany. I am quite certain he has only to inform [wisely] of the real facts, in order to disabuse his mind of any fears he may now have, as to the real effects of the most admirable schools of the Prussian Protestants.

It will give me the greatest pleasure to wait upon the Bishop any morning, or any evening he will be good enough to [?] and to answer, as far as I can, any questions he may desire to push.

Between 10. a.m. and 4 p.m. every day I am in chambers and if he will at any time honor us with a call here, I will do everything I can to make my knowledge useful to him. I only wish, that instead of talking to him, I could take him over to the excellent Protestant Teacher’s Colleges at Weissenfels, Potsdam, Dresden, [?] etc. He would then [?] us [?] to [?]. Still less would he need them, could he see the Teachers working in the Prussian Villages.

[Believe] [me]

My dear Chevalier with the deepest respect,

Very sincerely yours,

Joseph Kay

Letter to Chevalier Bunsen



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