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European trip all set - Mr. L. cannot be elected (according to Mr. Appleton's opinion) and that you will be the one. Going to take son Charles to Europe. Speech McIlvaine made at that tract society is printed in Diocesan paper.






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Gambier May 30 /64

My dear Mr Chase

Mr Appleton has assured me that the money matter with regard to my going abroad will be all right when I shall wish to sail. He came out with me to attend the graduating of his son at our theological seminary. We had much conversation about public matters. He [doesn’t] think Mr. L. can be elected, nor does he desire it. He thinks there will be an ultimate [concentration] on yourself. I found my brother entirely [cast] off from Mr. L. _ especially by late events in N.Y. + in the same track as to the future with Mr A. May God direct.

I have concluded to take, instead of my daughter, my son Charles, now in the first year of his ministry, to whose health it will be of service + who will be as good a help to me as I shall need.

If, in such change of plan, I can in any way further Mr Sprague’s views, it will give me the greatest pleasure to do so.

The speech I made at the Tract Soc. has been published in our diocesian paper with a most earnest editorial [??] as to the abused people, + I believe these are very few, if any of the clergy of the diocese to whom my views on that subject are not acceptable.

With kindest remembrance at home

Yours affectionately


Letter to S. P. Chase



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