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Lots of wounded - glad he came; hopes to see Grant's HQ tomorrow






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Fredericksburgh [sic]

Thursday 19 - /64

Dear Wife,

Got here last Ev. by Ambulence from Bille Plain on the Potomac, am writing at the house of the Christ. Commission, between 2 + 300 delegates noble character men working away 12 or 15000 wounded now here. Think of it, every house filled. What a scene Battle yesterday 12 mites from here wounded of yesterday brought in just after we armed, all [first sufferings[. I’m truly glad I came. All so glad of it. Mr [Sharks] man sees to all I want, bivouacked on the floor of a deserted house last night [?] with short of the battle last year. Addressed + forayed with Sir [Rebel Pimmen] at Belle Plains drawn up in [?]. I have seen + [learned] a life-lesson, a life history in a day. A great battle expected to-day. We are near enough to hear it, sounds of it takes place. But alas where will the wounded be put - all is full -- All hands are on [?] Never the Gospel seemed so precious - never the awful crime of the Rebellion so horrid. Don’t be [a?] about me. I am very well, not oppressed in spirit. We expect to go to Grants [??] tomorrow. [?] is here on t he Ch. Com. Then they all work + pray _ sing. What precious work. I work in great haste. Paper is scarce as well as time - send this to Charley - Bless him _ all of you.

Your dear husband


Letter to Emily McIlvaine (wife)



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