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KC: Lucas suspended, denied privileges of a communicant


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letter, McIlvaine, bishop, Kenyon College


June 15th 1857

My dear Bishop–

In my recent letter to you about Lucas, I said I had addressed to him a second series of questions with the view of sifting his veracity in his propositions that the letter printed in the Churchmen as written referred entirely to past state of things and was altered in the printing so as to make it refer to the present. As I expected, he declines answering, though my questions arise not of his own appeal to me. He writes that on account of the [shortness] of the [time] before the close of the [?] (one month), and “for other reasons not [necessary] to mention” (very curt to be sure) he cannot answer as he would wish. Thus a second time he has evaded my questions, so that I have not attained from him one single answer. I have therefore dismissed his appeal. I [explained] the suspension–believing him thoroughly [destitute] of such [?] principle as is needed for a candidate for orders–or a [?] with that [?] and for a communicant.

This function and maintenance of very [?] and absurd matters of [so] [called] [churchmanship] among the students has [long] made him an offence to them and an injury to the reputation of the religious condition of the college. But [?] of that kind has contributed to his present [?]–I have explained to him as I did to you how for his suspension [?], in consequence of the [relations] of students being communicante at Gambier. He is suspended from the privileges of a communicant in this diocese “so long as he is a student or resident at Gambier.”

I have [?] [?] he has been in communication all the while with persons in [?]–of the [Churchmen] sort–who have held him up and prevented him from making proper acknowledgements at first. I suppose the delays between his [conclusions] [on] what to do after each of my letters to him have arisen out of the desire to get advice from that quarter.

Yours affectionately,

C.P. McIlvaine

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