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Voyage back to U.S. aboard ship "Aetna" of Sandyhook






letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, travel, daughter


Ship Etna

Nov. 24, 1864

Dearest, darling Mamy

We are off sandy York having taken a pilot, + should be landed this Ev. but two cases of [??] in the Steerage will detain us at Quarantine till the morning. WE are quite well + thankful to be so near land in safety after a terrible passage. All tho bad winds + seas of all my preivous clever passages put together would not exceed what we have had this time, such constant, severe gales dead ahead. Only for a part of one day since we left the Channel during a voyage of 16 days, have we been able to be on deck, without hand holding on in the face of cold hard winds + in danger of being met with teh sea.

But none of us have been sea-sick. Emmy + Charley are capital sailors, + have come up brightly all the while. Charley of course, but I hardly expected quite so much of dear Emmy.

I write hastily + as the shaking of the ship will let me. I long to hear about you - + Wash. + the dear children. Give my best love + Emmy, + Charley’s to all, + take my precious darling a whole load of [?] to yourself. You are as ever my our most darling Mamy

Your dearest Father --

Letter to Maria (Mamy) Du Bois (daughter)



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