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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc May 6, 1861

Dear Bishop,

Yours of the 1st read on Saturday. I take up matters as they come therein – I do not know [?] enough to discourage any efforts to keep him Troy. Bishop [?] has written me favourably of him. But he has a low standard in such things and has a special favour to persons brought out by his agency, from “the sects.” Do as you think as to him. I hope Kellogg will go to [?]. As to poor Lewis, it is just as he has always done – Touchy beyond example, and there no hold on the people to make them patient. I suppose it is the least we can do for him. Tompkins is a feeble preacher and I think had better return to it, especially in these times, when northerners will be coming thence. You did right about Circleville. I had a letter from Schenck Balt some weeks ago urging me to let Rogers be his [?] and declined. The Commander in Chief having [?] from the General in command of the forces at Gambier the gratifying intelligences that “the boys both in the PArk and on the Hill are getting on well at Drill,” directs that it be published in general orders, on [?] parade, that he is well pleased with their zeal in the cause of their country, and hopes they will continue to do credit to their officers and themselves.


C.p. McIlvaine, DD DCL

Field Marshall



To Major General Bedell,

Right Rev. & DD

I agree as to Kendrick, and will write if I can find him. I will address care of Col. Andrews. What terrible weather the poor fellows are having. Burke has been transferred. Be sure, I was not hard to persuade. I am sorry the Browns do not come, and am well satisfied that as any attempt at a specialty at commencement must fall very far short of what we desire and the college deserves and probably would be wholly disappointing – no attempt be made. As to Bishop C, I leave that to your judgement, but think at least the change of circumstances should be stated to him. Dr. Smith writes that one of the [?] refugees has come and more are coming. As our year is so far advanced, I should think not many would come till after the vacation. Bosworth of [?] of course will come.

Your list of the places which I will thank you to visit is correct. E. Plymouth was not on my list. I left that to go with [?], Windsor, Rome be at a future time. You ask me if I would prefer to take Cuyahoga Lake when I go to Akron. The visitation of the last is [?]. At their request I deferred it thus to give them time to finish the enlargement of their church. I fear the times have so delayed that work that the church will not then be usable. If so and a visitation on such circumstances be required, it would be well for you to take it when you go to the others. I should not like to take them just before convention, as the letter is so exhausting. I will take Dayton and Granville. How skillful you have been in keeping down the steam at Gambier. Charley writes that the 25 (or 24, I forget which) at Bexley are drilled by [?] [?] under Major General B. and that the first thought was to call them “the Bedell Invaluables”, but it was thought it might attract Gen. Setts attention too much and bring orders for service before they were quite ready. I admire such sound character. We have here some 4000 men in Camp Harrison, and no arms beyond what are needed for guard duty and not a ball cartridge even for them. This is a high state of efficiency. But we forget that only three weeks have elapsed since the President’s proclamation. In that time, it is marvellous what has been done in all the country.

Please let me know for what day the Trustees have been called. Has anything been heard of [?]? How does his wife’s family bear it? The Presentment of Dr. G. was made on the 25th of April and served the next day. Twenty days are required before the drawing for a Court. I was in [?] he would waive the delay, as Dr. King said he had indicated he would prefer but I have nothing from him yet. I saw him at the Camp on Saturday where his son is a surgeon. He came up and spoke as usual, but looked as if he had suffered much. The Presentment embraces awful specifications and the [?] of them will be most revolting. I shall put the correction of the [?] as to the college into the Cincinnati papers of tomorrow. My son writes cheerfully from Washington. People feel very safe there now. The prospect of Kentucky standing fast is good. In that case the border of O will be safe. The [?] state of VA will probably be the first theatre of war. General Cocke of Richmond I learn privately is in command at Allentown of VA troops. The price at Harper’s Ferry is, or was, composed in part of VA University men. So the [?] of the Field Marshal report. An officer of the Brooklyn, now off [?] sent me recently a graphic account of the reaccompricement of Pickens – I surmise that the next thing there will be the recapture of the other forts in that harbour and of the Navy Yard.

Yours very truly,

C. P. McIlvaine

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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