"The New Governor" Or "The Nigger"


In this play Edward Sheldon, America's most significant young dramatist, handless unflinchingly and with unerring power, a modern problem that must be faced fairly and squarely by the people of the United States. The topic which forms the motif of this striking drama is one which legislators and serious thinkers have grappled with unsuccessfully since the days of slavery. Mr. Sheldon is the first playwright, however, who has had the courage to tackle the subject dramatically. In the William Fox production, William Farnum, America's most popular young actor, gives a sublime performance of the self-sacrificing hero, Philip Morrow. Under the masterful directorship of Edgar Lewis, the enthralling drama works out to the proportions of a mighty epic of modern American life dealing as it does with the gravest social, moral and political conditions. A $100,000 photoplay, 1,000 people, 50 scenes taken in New York, Washington D.C., and Augusta Georgia. At The VINE tomorrow.