W.C.A. Acknowledge Donations of Month


Lawn Fete Big Success And Trustees Thank Those Participating--At the regular meeting Wednesday of the W. C. A. at the Home for the Aged, the following donations were acknowledged: Mrs. Jacobs--Tomatoes. A Friend--Watermelon, lima beans, blackberries and bread. Della Lindsay--Two new tablecloths. Mrs. Cain--Cucumbers. Miss Mary Sharp--Two chickens and corn. Mr. Maxwell--Cucumbers. Miss Ash--Cottage cheese. Country Club--Bread. Mrs. Devin--Spaghetti. Mrs. S. H. Dougherty--$10. Mrs. John Sanderson--$5. A friend--$5. The lawn fete of the King's Daughters at the Arnold home netted $85.50. The trustees are profuse in their thanks to those who made the even what it was: The Ohio Light and Power Co., the Avery-Loeb Co., the Misses Putnam, Thomas, Allen and Walton and Mrs. Leonard, the quartet led by Mr. Burris, Messrs. Harper and McNabb, F. G. Mardis, Mr. Dowdell, Edward McCormick, Edward Arnold and Philip Lee, B. B. Williams and the Arnolds. The Home will greatly appreciate corn, tomatoes, rhubarb, or any vegetable.