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The hearing was attended by a large number the court room being crowded almost to the limit of its capacity. Following the conclusion of the case Mrs. Goins and a number of her friend expressed great and unqualified indignation because of the disposition of the matter it being as they described it “cut and dried.” Mrs. Goins, who had been reported to have made threats of a purpose to shoot hall, was closely watched by Constable Sensel until after the defendant left the building in which Justice Harter holds his court. Mrs. Goins and her friends gathered at the food of the stairway where they excitedly discussed the case announcing their complete dissatisfaction with the disposition of the matter. They saw in it another evidence of the impossibility of colored folks getting justice from white men where white men are involved. The aacusation [sic] (accusation) against Hall has been a matter of keen distress to him and members of his family. Mrs. Hall is reported to have suffered a stroke of paralysis since the charges against Hall have been brought having worried and being distrissed [sic] (distressed) by the nature of the crime alleged.


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