Date of Award

Spring 4-29-2022

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Tom Giblin


The study of high energy systems in cosmology remains one of the most exciting avenues to probe beyond-SM physics. In this thesis, I present the results of three research projects I have undertaken in Kenyon's cosmology lab, all centered around modeling high-energy phenomena using GABE, our nonlinear scalar field evolver. I first present our findings which show that a nonlinear Early Dark Energy field evolved alongside matter and radiation fluids generates a measure for the ISW above current sensitivity levels. I then show how quartic models of the inflaton undergo parametric resonance, but that this resonance is not powerful enough to produce primordial black holes. Finally, I will show how the inclusion of fully-nonlinear interaction terms may affect the outgoing form of a scalar field wave packet scattered off of a black hole in trumpet coordinates.

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