K-SWOC Labor Day Rally


K-SWOC Labor Day Rally


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This is a video of the Labor Day Rally hosted by the Kenyon Student Worker Organizing Committee (K-SWOC) in September 2020, titled, "The Union Difference." K-SWOC is a group of Kenyon students who work campus jobs and are workers. K-SWOC is organizing for a comprehensive labor union of all student workers at Kenyon. This rally was a very important event for the kickoff of our union campaign and stands as vital Kenyon history. K-SWOC was formed in the context of the pandemic and our organizing efforts are absolutely an instrumental part of Kenyon's COVID story. The rally features speakers from around the country who are part of the wider labor movement including: Karen Rizzo (leader at UE Local 613 and speech therapist at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children), Morgan Harper (former Congressional candidate for Ohio's 3rd district), Professor Chris Howell (Oberlin College Prof. of Politics), and Michael Goldberg (UE representative for the Campaign to Organize Graduate Students, at the University of Iowa), a written endorsement of K-SWOC from Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT), and lastly a video endorsement from Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown urging Kenyon College to recognize K-SWOC as a union. All of these speakers spoke about the difference unions have made in their lives, urged Kenyon College to recognize the union of student of workers, and commemorated the organizing work that we have embarked upon as students. We hope that you accept the video file into the archive and thank you for your efforts in archiving Kenyon's story in the historic moments that continue to unfold; K-SWOC is proud to be apart of that history.


Gambier, Ohio


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K-SWOC Labor Day Rally