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Kenyon praises Bishop McIlvaine, and looks optimistically towards the future of Kenyon College. He also praises the Archbishop of Canterbury and updates Chase on his own family and on the Marriotts.




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P[u]tman [Sqr.]

June 11


My dearest Bishop

I shall be anxious to hear from you again after your arrival with your dear family in Illinois. That God may [graciously] bless you with renewed health and strength I fervently pray; for I shall then be most sure that your devotion to His service in obeying His call to the Illinois country will prove indeed a blessing to your new Diocese. I have a few times seen your successor who spoke of you always with high respect, & gratefully of what you had procured for Ohio and Kenyon College. He has raised some facilities here to carry into fuller effect the Theological Seminary & College there, & I trust the blessing so piously founded by you will be productive to the end of time of spiritual good to the people of the Ohio and the Apostolical Protestant Church there to which your soul is so truly wedded. [Of] our [poor] [almost] persecuted Church I have by God’s blessings good hopes, & I think improving ones tho’ its enemies are mighty. It is not on its own fleshly strength that I rely, but I think I can see plainly that all those on whom [one’s] eyes are naturally fixed as being its [constituted] friends or guardians, & on whom hope might be placed are very anxious faithfully to perform [their] duty by it in this its bitter crisis. The Archbishop of Canterbury is above all praise; & his hopes & consolations are so completely fixed where they ought to be, & his devotion to his duty is under all risks so steady that it is a true consolation to reflect that we have such a [?] at its head. Your old friends the Bishops of Salisbury, Bath & Wells, Lichfield & Coventry continue still in good health and zealous in the discharge of all their duties. Good [Ldy.] Rosse does not alter much in her state, & I hope will not be spared some time to continue to bless & promote the Protestant cause in Ireland & across the wide Atlantick. This is my precious Edward’s 25th anniversary of his birthday & to me & my precious Marianne he is by God’s mercy a true blessing, of true humble Xtian principles & of a most affecte. heart. Your blessing towd. him at Liverpool [in] his [?] & placed by your Apostolical hands on my Lloyd & Marianne & on my own less worthy head has been consecrated I will not doubt. Dear Mr G Marriott is returning from abroad with his dear [Bessy], Fitzherbert & 2 little ones. The loss of her dear Selina, who went with her as a [?] to help her to nurse pore [sic] Bessy has been a trying sorrow indeed: but her heart is then fixed [where] [alone] true joys are to be found, & the hopes of meeting them again her pious husband & dear Selina, & her assurance at all times that mercy is the darling attribute of Him in whom she trusts effectually support her. Be assured my dearest Bishop that time does not lessen our value of your pious prayers & affection, & my good old Aunt still herself in piety & Kindness of heart values them as [?] with every kind wish to yourself & family

Believe me my dearest Bishop your affecte. and devoted friend Kenyon

Letter to Philander Chase



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