Sophia Chase



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Sophia writes that Mr. Johns sent $100 bank note and that she has requested Mrs. Kip to put clothes in a box. She continues in small community medical endeavors and expects the harvest to commence soon.




Mr. Johns, Mrs. Kip, Eliza Booth, Rosa Booth, Maria, general convention, Philander Chase Jr., Springfield, Detroit, Rushville, Illinois, medicine, harvest



Gilead M.I July 24

My dear Husband (anr. Augt. 11--)

After saying we are all well, miss you sadly love you dearly, and pray for you daily, I might close my letter, if to give information is the object of the mail since you are so well acquainted with the unvarying routine of employments at Gilead, but I have a most excellent letter from good Mr. Johns, who presses your attendance on the Genl. Convention and [sends] you what He terms a small token of his affectionate [?] and regard, a bank note of $100.00 - no doubt you will see him, and in the pleasing welcome of a few such friends forget your enemies. I have to day written to Mrs. Kip requesting some articles put up in a box to accompany your baggage on your return from Phila. I have sent for nothing but a decent travelling [sic] [deep] for each, but as we are many it will I think somewhat exceed one hundred dollars. I have mentioned nothing for your wardrobe but a staff morning gown lined with flannel - after closing the letter I thought I ought to have added a piece of bleached sheeting for your shirts - Eliza and Rosa Booth have so far recovered as to be “knocking round” this so far adds to my reputation as a skillful [leech] that I am likely to have full employ and on empty medicine box NB - I sent to Maria for 6pds epsom salts and ½ pd magnesia - two old letters came from Illinois last mail one from Springfield and one from Rushville (but none from Detroit) though old we read them with much pleasure --

The harvest has not yet commenced but expect it will on monday - getting in hay is considerable [?] by showers they get on but slowly you will have so much to interest you among the friends of religion and the church - that your time will pass I doubt not most happily I expect some very interesting letters - relating to the new diocese and pray you [?] in all things be prepared therein - do not forget to ask some Lady to put your sleeves in order before the meeting of the Convention giving her a days notice - the short time you were at home gave me no opportunity I only saw as I put them in your trunk that they ought to be taken out done up and put on with more care than they had been in Springfield - but it is growing dark and Philander has promised to take this in very early in the morning if I will wake him

Good night may God bless and keep

you is the prayer of

your affectionate wife

SM Chase

Letter to Philander Chase



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