Philander Chase



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Chase has received the Denisons' last letter and agrees to stop and see their daughter and his niece in Hartford.




St. Peter's, Philadelphia, Bethel, Hartford


To Dr. & Mrs Denison Royalton Vt.

Very dear Brother and Sir

The rev. Mr. [Sabin] has just put your letter of the 10th into my hands. He did it the [channel] of St. Peter’s Church in this Phil’a near the Altar of our Blessed Redeemer: and when he did so said it was from my Friends of the Bethel Congregation under his care. Holy holy & animating were all these precious [associations]! How did my heart leap for you at the thoughts of your kind feelings towards one so long an exile.

I shall comply with your wish in trying to see your dear Daughter and my loved niece at Hartford, but when I shall pass thro’ that city can not say, as everybody seems disposed to detain me here and on the road I am referring now to the expressions of good will made to me from the members of the Convention every where.

My engagements at this moment are such as allow me not one more than to say I am now as ever your ever loving Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Dr. & Mrs. Denison



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