Samuel Chase



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Samuel updates his uncle on the news in Springfield, including church matters, and asks him to consider coming. He also asks Chase to send more letters and provide more information regarding his future plans.




Philadelphia, Bishop Griswold, Bishop Onderdonk, Mr. Sprigg, Buffalo, Gilead, Rochester, Mr. Kline, Mr. Berger, Sarah Chase


Springfield Illinois 1835

Sangamon County [?]

Rt Rev & Dear Sir

My Very Dear Uncle

This is my Fifth letter addressed to you at Philadelphia since you left – one of which contained a statement relative to the church in this place – another within [was] a letter to Bp Griswold, requesting under your approbation, letters [?] in my behalf to this D[?]. The last was a copy of a letter from Bp. Onderdonk addressed to yourself at this place. The original of which I sent to Mrs Chase. All of which I hope you have received. I received [a] letter under date of July 20 from Mr Sprigg Buffalo containing a certificate of deposit by you in my favour of two hundred dollars which has been accepted and [?] to my credit at the State Bank. We have also recently received a letter from Gilead, which mentioned your being at Rochester but contained no particulars relative to yourself or your future plans.

I have just returned from a call at Mr Kline’s, he is in good spirits [as] some subscriptions for the Church - he would be pleased to hear cheering news from the East that he might give an additional impetus to the effort which he is making. I believe the amount now subscribed is about twelve hundred dollars.

We have service on the 1st & 3rd Sunday in each month in the completed meeting house. I have once preached in the Presbyterian house by invitation of Mr Berger – who was in ill health. The services are generally well attended especially by those who are considered as attached to the Church. The responses are met with much correctness & propriety. I know not what may be your plans for the Winter but if you could pass up here I am well persuaded that great blessings would attend your labours. I am willing very anxious, under Heaven, to do what may be in my power – but allow me to say that the interests of the Church in this place demand the wisdom & experience of age – as well as more time & attention that my constantly recurring duties in the schoolroom will allow me to bestow. But upon second thought perhaps I have suggested what ought to have been [?] in silence – I will do to the extent of my abilities and rely upon Heaven. As I have heard nothing form you since you left relative to your intentions of returning to Gilead or remaining in the East, I will address you at Philadelphia. We hope to hear soon from you & receive from time to time some information of the proceedings of the [?].

Dear Sarah’s health is at present quite good I hope & pray it may continue so. It is extremely sickly here at present – of the twelve or fifteen Physicians in this place none are [ill] but we hope that the recent cold change in the weather will be favourable to health.

In hopes of soon hearing from you and with earnest prayers for your welfare.

I am your affectionate Nephew

Samuel Chase

Letter to Philander Chase



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