Juliana Miller



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Miller hopes to meet Chase in New York City and asks him to tell her when she should come. She has been getting over an illness but should be well enough to meet him.




Mrs. Beek, Mr. Beek, New York City, Miss M. Curtis, Rev. Mr. Morehouse, Mr. Wright


Mount Holly, New Jersey. Aug 16th


Rev. and dear Sir,

I am truly glad to hear of the sound of your voice, amongst us once more. It is a privilege to me I assure you and I hope very soon to have the comfort of seeing you for myself. I now propose God willing and the day not too hot to be in the City on friday next so as to have the pleasure of an interview on Saturday. Mrs Beek has very kindly sent me word of your arrival and of your expected departure, soon as the Convention break up, which cannot be I suppose before next week. Not wishing to spend any time in town longer than to be with you, I have supposed that will be early enough. I am just recovering a sudden indisposition and am very feeble at present, but with great delight shall I make the effort to see you. Mr Beek knows how anxious I have been to write you but the risk was too great for me to return to your hand safely the letter in my possession. I do indeed rejoice in the opportunity now afforded as well as the unexpected satisfaction I may have in seeing you.

My good friend, if you can spare a moment from family put a line on paper, saying, if friday will be soon enough to suit you and I will come sooner if necessary. The weather being very hot now, I have supposed I should feel stronger to make the change from country air by that time, and that you would be more at liberty to talk with me for I shall much to inquire of you. I do trust this dark event is to be over [?] for your great & everlasting benefit and I am sure, you will find a kind reception here at this time and many sympathizing hearts open to receive you.

With regard, and many thanks to Mrs Beek, I am sure she will forward a letter to the post office for you soon as possible by good Sir - direct to me here to the care of Miss M. Curtis. With sincere respect for good Mr Beek.

I am most truly your little friend

Juliana Miller

I write in haste by the Rev. Mr. Morehouse who obligingly offers to be the bearer of this for you. He is the Pastor of our church in this place, a worthy man. I reside still in Sansom St. No. 31. but with Mr Wright. 3 doors below 8th on the No. side where I shall hope to be favored with a visit from you at your most convenient time.

Letter to Philander Chase



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