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Lord Kenyon updates Chase on politics in England and on the lives of G.W. Marriott's family members.




Gilead, Marianne Kenyon, Edward Kenyon, Aunt Kenyon, Peel Hall, Dr. Gaskin, G.W. Marriott, Lord Eldon, Mrs. Marriott, Selina Marriott, George Marriott, Lord Bexley, Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of Armagh



Dec. 6


My dearest Bishop

Your kind letter from Gilead dated Oct 25 has just reached me and be assured that there is no thought [?] pain me so much in the heart of any friend, as the thought wd in yours my most beloved & respected Bishop of its [?] for me to love or respect you less. My precious Marianne keeps with me still; is well & I hope is happy. My [?] Lloyd has a new dear wife & sweet girl; he is as happy as I could wish a most affec’te & pious son to be, and my dear Edward too, all now remaining out of 7, is all that we could wish. This day [?] I returned from my venerable Aunt at Peel Hall who remembers & venerates you as I do. She is still quite herself in heart disposition & pious resignation, & is now above 90 years of age. Her house is in precisely the same state in wh. you saw it only as to prints - yours, dear Dr Gaksin’s, good Lord Eldon’s are additions to her pretty drawing room.

I wish we cd hope to see you again in England altered as England is. By God’s mercy I hope our eyes are somewhat opened to the hazard of Infidelity being introduced by the extension of power granted to mere numbers without any other available qualification. I trust however by diving blessing that there is mixed up in our population enough of Xtian principle to leaven the whole mass, & by His grace to guide the possessors of power to direct it tow’ds the maintenance of His holy truths. On that is my sole reliance, for all [powers] of Govt are gone, except by the dreadful resort to force. We now hope our gracious Sovereign sees what is his true cause to pursue, & that he will abide by it, correcting at the same time all real grievances & abuses. The Widow & 2 eldest daughters of our sainted friend G Marriott are at Pisa in Italy, for B[?]’s health which we trust is greatly improved by it!

Good Mrs Marriott & dear Selina on the whole seem much to have enjoyed their excursion. Their good son Fitzherbert is with them, & her 2 little boys. The good Bishop of Soder & Man got an appointment for one son for India, and he is going on very well qualifying himself. I had the melancholy consolation of giving a place to dear G Marriotts eldest son George wh. I had hoped to give to himself. It ought to be worth 8 or 900£ a year, & he has handsomely undertaken the education of one of his younger brothers. The dear good Bp of [Sareen] I hope keeps well but I neither see nor hear from him as he is nearly blind as to reading writing or writing himself. Lord Bexley is well & true to you as he is to everything that is good & pious. I see a good deal of him when in London, & he is a great favourite with my precious Marianne, he is so kind & amiable. In Church matters our Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbp of Armagh in Ireland have gained all hearts. No one has shone so much under difficulties as our admirable Archbishop of [Cy] a more pious humble minded man I believe never lived. It comforts me to hope you have by God’s great mercy & your exemplary trust in Him got thro’ your most trying difficulties now May you be spared yet to the comfort of your flock at Gilead & establish the pure Apostolical Church & it firmly there; & be continued to bless & guide your own family. Your letter to your old Hartford friend is highly interesting. Your kindness above all your prayers are most highly prized by us all especially my dearest Bishop by your grateful friend


Letter to Philander Chase



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