Lord Kenyon



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Lord Kenyon provides an account of his family and wishes Chase well.




Aunt Kenyon, Marianne Kenyon, Lord Walsingham, House of Lords, Lloyd Kenyon, Mrs. Marriott


Peel Hall

Sept’r 11


My dearest Bishop

Your most kind letter of 16 July wh. I rec’d safe was indeed most welcome in bringing a comfortable account of yourself & dear good family. I am here with my precious Marianne in a visit to my venerated Aunt now 89, in as perfect possession of her faculties as she ever was, & what is more rare at such advanced age, in as perfect feelings of affection and attachment to high [?] and warmth of affection. It is very blessed to me who look on her as a second mother to see such comforts attend her thro’ so long a life; & it is a true comfort to my 3 precious remaining orphans to feel that we can contribute to solace the [latter] days of such & so kind a relation, & she beautifully acknowledge us to be her greatest earthly comforts. I was sure you wd be anxious to hear any thing as to the welfare or [danger] of our Zion. Alas she is now permitted to be expensed to sad dangers & trials. In not abiding firm to the Protestant cause in 1829 she has ever seemed to me to have cast off her first love; and the [saying] of my old and revered friend Lord Elden appears as to this generation at least too likely to be realized, that the sun of England’s glory has set forever. Into [?] polities I will not enter for one moment but when I cannot but see that the high principle wh. I used to seem to be acknowledged as the ruling one for the conduct of publick [sic] men, that the true Protestant faith ought to be upheld & its diffusion encouraged as the highest duty of the State, & as tending to [?] the Altar & the [?] of the Sovereign by drawing down God’s mercies & blessings on a Nation guided by such principles, & as I can see now nothing but a sort of tranquil willingness not to destroy that Church unless the fury of the Infidel & the covetousness of the worldly-minded call for its destruction under the threat of rebellion if it be not conceded, who that has known such days as I remember in the days of George the good, (as he under whose virtuous reign I was born is now frequently called) can do otherwise than fear that the light of truth is likely to be much obscured & its candlestick be removed into a corner till its loss be duly lamented & our hearts [?] sick by the loss of the hearth & fire of the Gospel we again covet & earnestly seek in tears & in prayers for the restoration of that highest of National blessings. I am not sanguine enough to hope that such restoration will occur in my days, but I fervently & earnestly pray God it may during the lives of my beloved orphans. My precious Lloyd has made a match much to my heart’s content & entirely to his own, to the youngest daughter of Lord Walsingham, the [?] Lord was for many years Chairmaster of the Committees of the H of Lords & his father was highly respected by my Lord Father & by the profession of the Law as Lord Ch Justice of the Common [?]. They have always been considered a high principled family, & my Lloyd’s beloved Georgina & all her sisters have been brought up in sound Christian principles, the only security for any blessings. My good Aunt desires her most kind regards & thanks for your kind remembrance of her; that she thinks of you & blesses you as far as it is her [right] to do so. My own Mariana joins me in feelings of true love & veneration tow’ds you. Let

me hear again. I do not know what books or publications to send you, or how to send them cheaply to you. Ever my dearest Bishop with kindest wishes to you all Believe me your grateful & affec’te friend


I have comfortable accounts from dear Mrs Marriott

Dear Mrs Marriott desired her best respects and affec’te remembrances to you. Her son is in the law the 2nd [?] preparing for the church all well principled.

My Mariana does not seem inclined to leave me. I heartily wish, I might be blessed in seeing her united to a true Christian worthy of her

Letter to Philander Chase



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