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Chase sends his regards, wishes, and advice for his grandchildren.




Mr. Grovenor, Mrs. Grovenor, grandchildren, religion


You are kind, very kind in mentioning Mr Grovenor and my loved grand Daughters. May God bless and save them is my constant prayer. No doubt is on my mind of their being under God and their kind Grand Father well provided for.

My own affairs and the prospects of my own poor Children in the Wilderness being so much worse than those of this branch of my offspring I have not said so much of them: yet I’ll assure you they are very dear to me. Do mention their aged Grand Father in the far West to them when you shall next see them. Tell the dear Girls to be good & obedient to their Mother & grand Parents. Tell them, above all things to fear & love & obey their Heavenly Father and constantly to look up to him for direction and grace; to read their Bibles & with [?] humility to bewail the sinful state into which Sin has cast our nature and constantly on their knees in private as well as in the public offices of devotion to say “remember not our iniquities not the iniquities of our Fore Fathers neither take thou vengeance of [our] sins. Spare us Good Lord, spare they People whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious blood & be not angry with us forever.”

I hope and pray God to deliver them from the greatest and most leading sin of the female sex Vanity. If they can by divine grace be kept from this, and found often, yea always at the [foot] of the Cross they can be saved in the day when God makes up his Jewels.

My best love to Mr & Mrs Groven

P. Chase

Gilead M.I.

31. Mar:


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