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Palmer Dryer requests Chase's assistance in forming the Diocese of Illinois and offers him the Rectorship of St. Judes' Church in Peoria, Illinois.




Illinois, Diocese of Illinois, Convention, Peoria, Michigan, St. Jude's Church


Peoria, Feb. 7, 1835

Rt. Rev. & Dear Sir,

I am engaged in a correspondence with my clerical brethren in this state, on the subject of a Convention for the purpose of organizing the Diocese of Illinois. We expect the Convention to be holden in Peoria on Monday the 9th day of March next. May the Holy Spirit guide us in our deliberations, that they may result in measures productive of glory to God, and of prosperity to His Church.

Permit me to beg of you, my venerable friend, your prayers to the Throne of Grace in our behalf, and the aid of your counsels in the undertaking that is before us. Will you be so kind as to prepare or indicate the devotions to be used at the opening, during the progress, and at the close of our conventional deliberations? Can you send to me copies of any Diocesan Constitutions and Canons? Will you give me a scheme of the principles and measures which you would deem it expedient to adopt, in providing for the efficient government and the wellbeing of the Diocese of Illinois? Any suggestions, any model or plan, (the [section cut off]

earnestly wish and pray - the immediate translation of Bishop Chase to the Episcopate of this new and most prospectively important Diocese. Should this most desirable event be brought to pass by the good providence of our God, what gratitude should we not owe to Him for the blessing! We should then be gratified in beholding the novel spectacle of a Diocese starting into mature existence in a day, where yesterday the Church was unknown. With a complete organization, and a venerable and beloved Patriarch at our head, we might go on in our great work rejoicing, and confident that the Lord, who had thus early made provision for the supply of our ecclesiastical wants, would continue to prosper us, and enable us to build up the walls of Jerusalem. --- But, my dear Sir, I desire this [want], not only because of the great benefit which may result from it to our infant Diocese; but because I believe, on reviewing your history and consider [?] all the circumstances of your very peculiar case, that by placing you over us as our Diocesan, we shall perform an act which is due to the honor [of] [the] [American] [Church] [?] [?] [the] [?] [?] then clearly perceive the wise and beneficent purpose for which the Almighty permitted you, in former years, to struggle in adversity, and at length to retire into temporary exile in the wilds of Michigan. Having successfully accomplished the work which He had for you to perform in Ohio, He withdrew you from that part of his vineyard, that you might stand in readiness, as at this time, to enter into a new and certainly not less important field, and become, even in your old age, the founder and first Bishop of a flourishing church in the noble state of Illinois

Should you [?] to this state, the Rectorship of St. Jude’s Church, Peoria, is offered to your acceptance. It is the most central Church in the state - the town is beautifully and pleasantly situated, and of considerable commercial importance. I doubt whether a better residence for the Bishop could be selected.

With the hope of hearing from you before the expiration of this month, and with the hope that you have, by the Lord’s goodness, recovered from your bodily injuries.

Letter to Philander Chase



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