Philander Chase



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Chase relays Mr. Well's request to know when Dudley will visit Gilead. He strongly urges Dudley to visit.




Mr. Wells, Steubenville, Gilead, Intrepid Morse



[?] Dudley

Mr. Wells of Steubenville has just written me a letter begging to be informed of the time when you will bless us with a visit next summer that his son in law and Dear Intrepid Morse and wife may meet you here in Gilead. The very thought of seeing you all as my Guests here in the wilderness almost electrifies me and all our family.

Pray write us soon, and under the smiles of a kind Providence make up your mind and set your time. Don’t I beseech you disappoint us. We must, if God will, meet one more time before we die. I should weep most bitterly were I not cheered by this fond hope.

We are all well and twice every day on our knees both myself and all our family beg God the author of all goodness to bless protect and save you and all yours.

Your loving brother

Philander Chase

Bishop Chase, about Mr. Well’s request to know when I should [visit] Gilead, also urging my journey.

Letter to Dudley Chase



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