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Mrs. Tyndale looks forward to the future of Chase's settlement in Gilead with positive sentiment.




Philander Chase, Gilead, Detroit, Diocese of Ohio, Montagne Lunmore, Westminster School, Mr. Tyndale


Holton [?]tory

Octr. 7th 1834

My dear Bishop

With a thousand thanks I return you this most interesting letter. I have copied the Judge’s leters [sic] and the Bishop’s most striking reply, it is curious that it should come to me at a time when the su[?] of Schism has been particularly brought before us. If the sufferings of the good Bishop had drawn forth nothing but that one strong & clear declaration[s] of his sentiments in favor of Unity, I should see in that a comment upon his friends observation, that, “some special benefit to the church at large was intended in the very act that produced his separation from the Diocese of Ohio -- In extracting from his letters to you I have omitted all allusions to former painful circumstances from the feeling that they had better be dropt, and have brought into the foreground his pleasant reception at Detroit, & the Gilead Church & School, how far we can expect England to step forward again for this new Territory I know not, but the cause is very interesting, and one thing for his friends to do, is certainly to circulate facts that will tend to keep up an interest for him in this Country. Mr Montagne [Lunmore] who is at Holton Park for a few days happened to come in just as I had done copying, & as he had seen Bp Chase in England, he heard with great interest all I could communicate. We have been cheered & delighted by his society, & feel as if it would help us to go on our course with renewed vigour, he returns to his Parish tomorrow. Mr Tyndale is delighted with your plans for the Isle of Man. I think the Westminster School at which we had the pleasure of meeting made you think of the sliding doors. I think the Chapels will be very pretty and I quite agree with you that they ought to be reserved for sacred purposes. I fancy I recognise in your nice secretary, your second daughter with whom I this year made acquaintance. I beg to be remembered to her & to Mrs Ward & remain my dear Bishop

Yrs most faithfully

Anne Tyndale.

Have you any thoughts of getting the Pamphlet reviewed? To reprint would be too expensive?

Letter to Bishop W. Ward



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