Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon writes that he always supported Chase's founding of the college. He also expresses his support for possessions of a Mr. John Bowdler being given to Chase.




Philander Chase, Theological Seminary, Diocese of Ohio, Kenyon College, John Bowdler


[Ld] Bishop of Sodor & Man

Putman [Ly]

July 12


My dear Lord

I [return] your invaluable letter from dear Bishop Chase, and add one which I received together with an accompanying pamphlet yesterday. Our venerated friend is surely quite right in his judgment that the Theological Seminary was the primary object of [our] attachment. I thoroughly will remember how much value I thought might be obtained by his Diocese of Ohio from his having a College [connected] with the Theological Seminary, but that Seminary itself as being the [nucleus] [for] sound Episcopal Protestant Theological principles was the substance which in my mind gave the value to the College to which he was pleased to affix the name I [unworthily] represent. I am clearly of opinion he is entitled to retain good Mr Bowdler’s communion plate & articles for his Life; and should he be blessed with the means of establishing a Church in the Far West I cannot doubt that good John Bowdler cd. he express his wish, would say he wished the Church [last] [possessed] by Bishop Chase shd. [possess] the Plate. The Ship most convenient for communicating with him will leave Liverpool on the 30th. [Most] [you] [may] [?], I hope to write to him by it. You are very welcome to copy any part of my letter from the dear Bishop if you wish it, & I will thank [you] to return the letter to me as soon as convenient and the pamphlet.

Ever My dear Lord

with true respect [yours] affectly.


Letter to Bishop W. Ward



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