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Dudley notifies Chase that he will send a letter to the President of Woodstack Bank requesting that a friend of his be allowed to withdraw 500 dollars. He also apologizes for his recent silence and explains why he has not written much recently.




Mr. Ward, Mr. Wing, Woodstack Bank, Mr. Chase, Charles Brackett, Mr. Atherton, Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Russell, Philander Chase



Randolph April 8th 1833

Very Dear Brother

Having been about from home a few days I have but just time enough to address this short letter to you since the perusal of yours of 17th March (postmark), conting. a copy of one to Mr. Ward and also a copy of one to Mr. Wing.

Dear Brother, I shall send to the President of Woodstack Bank, my letter, already written requesting his permission for a friend of mine in the West to draw on his bank for 500, dollars, pay 10 days after sight or on sight if he pleases, and engaging on my part, to place funds in his hands, to pay the draft on sight, or at [maturity]. I hope to recover an answer by return of Mail. If the expected answer should be favourable I will give you [notice] thereof immediately, on acct. Of which wish you would give me immediate notice of the date of your draft - the person to whom payable, and your opinion of the time of its being presented for payment.

How I shall excuse myself for having, by my neglect of writing to you, occasioned you so much pain? Will it do any good to tell you that after Mr. Chase, your friend, had spoken to me about this remittance to you, I had been urging on my affairs with all diligences to you, so as to realise the [?] in hand, for your accommodation? It was in Nov. last that he call’d on me. I had then on hand the closing up of building operations for the [summer] of more than 2000, besides the ordinary expenses of the season - (no small affair). In addition Mr. Charles Brackett had failed about that time and involved me, worth his other bondsmen, to a very large amount. My share of money to be raised on his account was 1000, dollars. All these things were against me. I stated them to Mr. Chase. I told him I would do my best to help you to the sum [requisite]. I was in hopes to accomplish some sale or make some collections, extra, so as to raise the cash and give you notice to draw for it. I have not yet been so fortunate as to bring matters to [been] exactly, and have put off & put off writing to you - This is all I can say in excuse - a poor apology I grant it is; yet it is an honest one -- I have nothing now to say only that we are all well, and never when we meet do we omit to make many enquiries about our dear Brother Philander. - The copy of your letter to Mr. Atherton interested me very much - I know but little about the merits of this case, except from the views of it which you have presented. I am glad that you have escaped from them, and hope you will be able to shake off the remnants also.

Give my love to Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Russell, and to all your children & family.

I shall write you again in a few days, and give you the Answer of Woodstack Bank to my letter spoken of in the beginning of this.

Your affectionate brother

Dudley Chase

Letter to Philander Chase



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