Philander Chase



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Chase seeks the counsel of Atherton and outlines his various claims against the College. Primarily, he seeks money back from the institution, as well as certain items such as a Communion plate and the organ gifted to him by Lady Rosse.




Michigan, Board of Trustees, Communion plate, Lady Rosse, John Bowdler, Eltham, Rosse Chapel



Feb 8th. 1833 Branch Cy. Michigan Territory

To B.M Atherton Esqr

Very Dear Sir

From the frequent communication held between us on the subject of my claims against the Trustees of the (designed Theological Seminary of the Protest: Epic. Church in the Diocese of Ohio I can not but suppose you are well acquainted with the grounds on which those claims are preferred. . Yet as all things are liable to be misunderstood or forgotten which are not put on paper, you will see the propriety of my making a statement to you & the rest of my respected counsel in order as follows

My claims are of different classes & (as I suppose) to be urged on the grounds of their respective merits.

II. My account current acknowledged. This consists of sums advanced by me out of my private funds: and are of the nature of monies lent, of course payable or on demand. This debt of theirs to me is rising of 1400 Dollars and is already allowed by the Trustees.

II II. My conditional gifts to that Institution; & of right reverting to me on the nonfulfilment on the palpable impossibility of the fulling of the conditions on which the gifts were made. Of this kind in my [Library] of 1500 Dol. estimated at $2,000. Of this kind also is the sum of $1,000 [?] 1830 I should appropriate the same myself to the erection of a dwelling house on the premises of the Institution for the accommodation of my self and family. See the minutes of the Board of Trustees for the year 1830.

On the same ground also is founded my right to retain the Communion plate, which enabled by the Legacy left me by John Bowdler Esquire late of Eltham Kent England I had designed to place in a Church to be called Rosse Chapel, so named out of respect to the Rt. Honourable Lady Rosse who had given to me personally one Hundred pounds sterling money of England, & which sum I [appriated] in my intention for the benefit of the Seminary on condition the sd. Church were erected by me & according to my plan not [?].

N3. The communion plate above alluded to us now in my hands. But the one hundred pounds sterling was placed in the funds in England for me & lodged in the Hands of Trustees. And this sum I now claim with the lawful interest thereon of the present Trustees of the Seminary they having now the possession thereof. This matter you will be enabled to prove by paper now in my possession & to be forwarded to you. [crossed out section] under his head I also maintain my right. and the organ given to me by the aforesaid Lady Rosse & never by me given to the Seminary but on condition the said church or chapel were built & completed by me according to my own taste & design.

Letter to B.M. Atherton



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