Philander Chase



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Chase updates his wife on life in Gilead. Mr. Wells has arrived, the building projects at the house are progressing, and his sons are helping with chores. Chase also asks Sophia to tell Mr. Douglass to sell the Worthington farm.




Mr. Wells, Dudley Chase, Henry Chase, Col. Hugh, Elisha Skinner, Detroit, Gilead, Mr. Douglass, Worthington



Gilead Augt. 11th 1832

My Dear Wife

Mr. Wells is here. He came last night late & found his way through the Burr Oaks by moonlight. He is going on by stage coach to Detroit and thence by water to some port in Ohio where he will leave [thus]. I wish I were in readiness to accompany him; but this is impossible. We are all just now engaged in putting up the additional rooms to our little building. The Cellar is about [half] [dugt]. The Timber half hewed & framed and the boards & shingles mostly enough drawn. As to the farming business, I shall have 50 acres prepared to receive the seed wheat by the 15th of this month augt. and on that day if the Lord will my horses will commence harrowing in the crop for next harvest. I do this thus early because what can not be put in too early in this climate & in the next place, I wish to be in readiness to go for [you] by the first of Septr. or thereabouts.

I am happy again to state to you that we all well; Col: Hughs Elisha & all. Henry is a good by & milks the cow and washes the dishes. Dudley is steady to his duty and bakes the bread and cooks the meat. This is much [easier] now, than before we purchased the cooking stove. H is one of the best kind and lessen[s] the labour of preparing our food more than one half.

I think the cheapest and best way we can do is to purchase 2 yoke of Oxen and another waggon [sic] in Ohio and in & with the same transport all all [sic] the remaining goods to this place while you and the family come by water to Detroit & thence come on in my wagan [sic] cart from hence or by stage coach to Gilead.

Write immediately to Mr. Douglass to get him to attend to the sale of my farm in Worthington on the day appointed. I forget the exact day it was to be sold as per a[dver]tisement Sarah. [I] [think] was [?] the 12th when I hope to be with you.

in the mean time (as Mr. W is [waiting]) and ever I am

Your faithful &

affectionate Husband

Phir. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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