Philander Chase



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Chase like's Sophia's plan for coming to Michigan but is worried about her selling the farm in Ohio. He holds great resentment towards Ohio and wishes never to visit again.




Mr. Wells, Dudley Chase, Mrs. Russel, Holmes County, Mr. Loomis, Mr. Peckham, Mr. Douglass, Diocese, Detroit, Col. Mark, Gambier, Mr. Kip, Col. Hugh, Mr. Morse


Gilead Augt 11. 2 o’clock P.M.

My Dear Wife

You may think it strange that I write you two letters in one day. The reason is this. When Mr Wells, by whom I sent the letter of this morning, left us, Dudley accompanied him to [Bronson’s] [prairie] port Office from which he brought back your letter of the 2d of instant Augt; and and such is the nature of its contents as to require an immediate answer.

Your plan to come out (directly after selling the farm) in a wagon of 4 horses I like: It is the best, I think, on the whole, you could [choose], provided you could make that mode of traveling agreeable to you & dear Mr[s] Russel.

But what am I to do under the uncertainty of selling? Taking it for granted that the farm would not be disposed of at private sale I have hitherto told you in several letters that I should set off hence for Holms Co O. that I might be there in time to attend to the selling of it at auction. This plan I must still keep in mind and finally carry into effect provided the farm is not [disposed] previously. This arrangement makes it obviously necessary that you write me often & keep me informed of the state of things continually.

Still the plan of coming on with Mr Loomis or Mr Peckham in the four horse team suits me well and (provided you have not already purchased the 2 yoke of oxen) may obviate the necessity of making that purchase.

I shall write by this post to Mr Douglass as you remind me: if you also have written to him on the same subject of being my agent in the sale of the farm at Worthington it will do no harm.

I shall wait with great anxiety to know if you can sell the farm; & thus by coming in by the 1st of September make my journey to Ohio necessary. How rejoiced should I be if duty never should compel me again to to visit that ungrateful Diocese!

I think there will be little doubt of my having hay enough to winter the stock both of such cattle as we have and also of such as Mr Loomis may have the goodness to purchase for us: I have already put [up] into a fine stock about 7. or 8 [?] and hope the next week to [m]ake and secure double that quantity and as much more the week after that.

Still, I have doubts whether it be safe to bring on the sheep this fall. If I could get them wintered by some careful hand at a reasonable rate to be paid in work I think it would be advizable [sic] [so] to do. The reason is there are too many Wolves here. They come every [?] in open sunshine up to the house to co[?] [?] and seem to be inquiring whether our [?] from Ohio have yet arrived? This makes [me] wish to disappoint them of their prey till the [poor] things can have some proper places of [scarcity] built for them. But if they come; & must come we will endeavour to do our best for them.

On the whole do as you think proper in every thing: only let me know in time [that] I do not pass you on the way. If I go I shall go to Detroit to take the water passage [&] be with you as before. A letter directed to [Col]. Mark Detroit would in [case] you wish to arrest me in my passage, meet me. Pray have you settled up all [accounts] with the Conspirators at Gambier? Have you taken [care] of the tea & Coffee sent by mistake to Gambier by Mr Kip? I have sent once to Col[?] Mark for it but it had never come to his address. Bring Col. Hugh’s gun [screw] with you price 10 [$]. He is willing if we take shot [?] powder him at 1. dollar making in all 11. Dollars.

Mr Morse writes me a long letter wishing I would return!!! What will Ohio do without a Bishop! Are they worthy of one? I told Mr Wells this morning that the matter of my ever going to live in Ohio again was & is impossible.

Your faithful

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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